Coda – Short Film.

Nine minutes of animation can seem like quite a big ask in the middle of a busy day, but if the 22 festival laurels on Coda’s thumbnail don’t persuade you, let me just say that spending less than 10 minutes on this beautifully designed animation will massively increase your appreciation for simple pleasures and the minutes, hours, and years you have ahead. Now let’s all hug.

Directed by Alan Holly
Produced by Ciaran Deeney
Written by Alan Holly and Rory Byrne
Art direction by Ronan McMeel
Music by Shane Holly
Animation by Alan Holly, Rory Byrne and Eoghan Dalton

Shortlisted for the 87th Academy Awards Feb 2015
Nominated for the 42nd Annual Annie Awards Jan 2015

A death-themed animated short so powerful it’ll stick with you all day.

When an animation manages to clock up more than 20 international film awards and an Oscar shortlist nomination you can be fairly sure it’s going to warrant taking nine minutes out of your busy morning – nine minutes you might have spent making coffee, or smoking, or chatting to a babe in HR – to watch. Coda is a short film by Dublin-based animation studio And Maps And Plans, which follows one lost soul’s drunken stumble home from a nightclub in the early hours of the morning. What starts as a warmly depicted story about drunk antics quickly transforms into a quiet reflection on life and mortality that will stick with you all day. At the risk of ruining the surprise I’ll stop there, but if you have them to spare, this might be the most wisely spent nine minutes you use all day.

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